2018 Olympic Curling!

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Men and Women’s Curling Competitions will be held with 10 teams while the Mixed Doubles competition will be held with 8 teams.

Korea, as host, receives an automatic entry. Seven places will be offered to the National Olympic Committees of the Member Associations of the World Curling Federation, who have gained the most qualifying points from the World Women’s Curling Championships (WWCC), World Men’s Curling Championships (WMCC) and the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championships held in 2016 and 2017.

In the Men and Women’s competition the top two teams from the 2017 Olympic Qualification Event (OQE) will fill the remaining two places


Find the complete schedule for the curling event below (times and dates are Arizona Time). Medals will be awarded at bolded times.


All Olympic curling matches will take place at the Gangneung Curling Centre, part of the Gangneung Olympic Park. The larger venue will also host figure skating, ice hockey and speed skating.

Date Time (MT) Event Matches
Feb. 12 4:05 a.m. Mixed Doubles Semifinal #2 Teams TBD
Feb. 12 5:05 p.m. Mixed Doubles Bronze Medal Teams TBD
Feb. 13 4:05 a.m. Mixed Doubles Gold Medal Teams TBD
Feb. 13 5:05 p.m. Men’s Tournament #1 DEN vs SWE, CAN vs ITA, KOR vs USA, SUI vs GBR
Feb. 14 12:05 a.m. Women’s Tournament #1 JPN vs USA, OAR vs GBR, DEN vs SWE, SUI vs CHN
Feb. 14 4:05 a.m. Men’s Tournament #2 CAN vs GBR, KOR vs SWE, SUI vs ITA, NOR vs JPN
Feb. 14 5:05 p.m. Women’s Tournament #2 CAN vs KOR, DEN vs JPN, CHN vs OAR, GBR vs USA
Feb. 15 10:05 a.m. Men’s Tournament #3 USA vs ITA, NOR vs CAN, GBR vs JPN, DEN vs SUI
Feb. 15 4:05 a.m. Women’s Tournament #3 CHN vs GBR, CAN vs SWE, USA vs SUI, KOR vs JPN
Feb. 15 5:05 p.m. Men’s Tournament #4 ITA vs DEN, NOR vs KOR, SWE vs USA
Feb. 16 10:05 a.m. Women’s Tournament #4 DEN vs CAN, KOR vs SUI, SWE vs OAR
Feb. 16 4:05 a.m. Men’s Tournament #5 JPN vs SUI, SWE vs GBR, DEN vs USA, CAN vs KOR
Feb. 16 5:05 p.m. Women’s Tournament #5 SUI vs SWE, OAR vs USA, JPN vs CHN, DEN vs GBR
Feb. 17 10:05 a.m. Men’s Tournament #6 KOR vs GBR, SUI vs NOR, CAN vs SWE, JPN vs ITA
Feb. 17 4:05 a.m. Women’s Tournament #6 OAR vs JPN, CHN vs DEN, KOR vs GBR, USA vs CAN
Feb. 17 5:05 p.m. Men’s Tournament #7 NOR vs DEN, USA vs JPN, SUI vs CAN
Feb. 18 10:05 a.m. Women’s Tournament #7 GBR vs SWE, CAN vs SUI, CHN vs KOR
Feb. 18 4:05 a.m. Men’s Tournament #8 SWE vs JPN, DEN vs KOR, ITA vs GBR, USA vs NOR
Feb. 18 5:05 p.m. Women’s Tournament #8 USA vs DEN, JPN vs CAN, SWE vs KOR, OAR vs SUI
Feb. 19 10:05 a.m. Men’s Tournament #9 ITA vs KOR, SWE vs SUI, USA vs CAN, GBR vs DEN
Feb. 19 4:05 a.m. Women’s Tournament #9 GBR vs SUI, DEN vs OAR, CHN vs USA, JPN vs SWE
Feb. 19 5:05 p.m. Men’s Tournament #10 GBR vs NOR, JPN vs CAN, KOR vs SUI, ITA vs SWE
Feb. 20 10:05 a.m. Women’s Tournament #10 CAN vs CHN, USA vs KOR, GBR vs JPN
Feb. 20 4:05 a.m. Men’s Tournament #11 SUI vs USA, NOR vs ITA, JPN vs DEN
Feb. 20 5:05 p.m. Women’s Tournament #11 KOR vs OAR, SWE vs CHN, SUI vs DEN, CAN vs GBR
Feb. 21 10:05 a.m. Men’s Tournament #12 DEN vs CAN, GBR vs USA, SWE vs NOR, KOR vs JPN
Feb. 21 4:05 a.m. Women’s Tournament #12 SWE vs USA, SUI vs JPN, OAR vs CAN, KOR vs DEN
Feb. 21 5:05 p.m. Women/Men’s Tie-Breaker Teams TBD
Feb. 22 4:05 a.m. Men’s Semifinal Teams TBD
Feb. 22 11:35 p.m. Men’s Bronze Medal Teams TBD
Feb. 23 4:05 a.m. Women’s Semifinal Teams TBD
Feb. 23 11:35 p.m. Men’s Gold Medal Teams TBD
Feb. 24 4:05 a.m. Women’s Bronze Medal Teams TBD
Feb. 24 5:05 p.m. Women’s Gold Medal Teams TBD

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